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Fay - 2002
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Tropical Storm Fay Making Landfall on Texas

An area of convection in the Gulf of Mexico with a broad area of convection began to develop on September 3. It became Tropical Depression Six on September 5 when a closed circulation was found by hurricane hunters. The depression slowly sagged to the south and became Tropical Storm Fay late on September 5. The storm took a sharp turn the the west on September 6 and continued to strengthen, reaching a peak intensity on that day with winds of 55 mph. This intensity would be maintained up until landfall. Fay continued to the WNW on September 7, and made landfall near Port O'Connor, Texas with winds of 55 mph and a pressure of 999 mbar.

After landfall, Fay turned to the north and then to the west again as it weakened to a depression on September 7, and to a remnant low on September 8. The remnant continued inland and drifted south, dumping rains over Mexico before dissipating finally on September 11. Even though Fay was only a Tropical Storm, flooding was rampant in Texas, causing over 3 million in damages to public roads, bridges, and recreation areas due to surge and flooding. Six tornadoes and up to 20 inches of rain in some areas was produced in some areas. The damage total was at abour 5 million dollars, but no casualties were reported.