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Edouard - 2002
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Tropical Storm Edouard Nears Florida

A broad area of clouds and showers began to develop on August 25 north of Puerto Rico. The disturbance moved westward and reached the Bahama Islands on August 31. It began to become more organized at this point, and deep convection became persistant on September 1, which led it to be upgraded to Tropical Depression Five about 120 miles east of Daytona Beach, Florida. Under fairly light wind shear, the depression became Tropical Storm Edouard early on September 2. The environment became more hostile on September 3, but Edouard strenthened despite this and reached a peak intensity with winds of 65 mph on the 3rd. During this time, Edouard was completing a clockwise loop that swung the storm around, pointing it towards Florida. Movement became steady to the WSW on September 3. Edouard's convection began to die down late on September 3, and the center became exposed. This led to a quick weakening of the storm on September 4. Edouard was a minimal tropical storm when it made landfall near Ormond Beach, Florida on September 4. After landfall, the borderline tropical storm weakened to a depression almost instantly. The depression continued across Florida to the WSW on September 5, and emerged into the Gulf of Mexico on that day. Strong windshear prevented the weak depression from regaining strength in the Gulf, and it dissipated on September 6.