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Dolly - 2002
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Tropical Storm Dolly in the Open Atlantic

A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on August 27, this wave developed an area of low pressure as it moved west. Convection and thunderstorms began to organize on August 28, and it became Tropical Depression Four on August 29 about 550 miles SSW of the Cape Verde Islands. The depression organized quickly with convective bands and became Tropical Storm Dolly just six hours later at the next advisory. Dolly continued to strengthen as it moved WNW, reaching its peak intensity on August 30 with winds of 55 mph and a pressure of 997 mbar. The strengthening came to an end on August 31 as harsh wind shear prevented the storm from organizing futher.

The wind shear began to gradually weaken the storm on August 31, and nearly brought the storm down to tropical depression status on September 1, raising the minimum pressure to 1005 mbar. Dolly made a rebound on September 2, when the storm turned to the north and reached wind speeds of 50 mph, and maintained the 45-50 mph winds through September 3. On September 4, the unfavorable conditions finally got the best of the storm, and quickly weakened it to a depression and it became a remnant low later on September 4. Dolly remained at seas its whole life, so no damages or casualties were reported.