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Cristobal - 2002
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Tropical Storm Cristobal off the Florida Coast

On August 1, a frontal zone extended into the Gulf of Mexico and stalled there. The front spawned two low pressure systems, one in the Gulf of Mexico that became Bertha, and the other near the South Carolina coast. The low near the SC coast gradually organized and became Tropical Depression Three on August 5 about 150 miles ESE of Charleston, SC. The depression slowly sagged to the southeast under an area of moderate windshear which kept it from strengthening significantly. It finally became Tropical Storm Cristobal on August 6. Cristobal now took an abrupt turn to the east and reached a peak intensity with winds of 50 mph on August 7.

Cristobal now began to accelerate rapidly to the ENE and began to lose its circulation. This was in response to the storm's approach to a frontal zone. The frontal zone eventually absorbed the storm on August 8, and Cristobal dissipated within the zone that day. No damages or casualties were reported due to Cristobal.