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Bertha - 2002
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Tropical Storm Bertha in the Gulf of Mexico

On August 3, a non tropical area of low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico was detected. The low became better organized south of the mouth of the Mississippi River on August 4, and became Tropical Depression Two later on the same day. The depression slowly moved WNW towards the coast and began to slowly strengthen. The depression became Tropical Storm Bertha, later on August 4 as it neared the coast. Just two hours later, still on the same day, the system made landfall with 40 mph winds near Boothville, LA. It is worth noting that nearly the entire life cycle of the storm occured on August 4. After landfall, Bertha took a wobbly path to the north and eventually to the west and then south. Bertha weakened to a depression during this time on land. The southward movement of the depression eventually took it back out into the Gulf of Mexico on August 7. The circulation had been maintained over land, and convection began to flare on August 8. The storm continued to the WSW , on a path to another landfall. Tropical Depression Bertha did not have ample time over water to regain tropical storm status, as it made landfall on August 9 near Kingsville, Texas. Bertha quickly weakened after this second landfall, and dissipated later that day. One death was associated with Bertha, a man who drowned in high surf off the coast of Florida. The heavy rains produced minor damage from street flooding, but no damage figures are available.