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Zeta - 2005
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T.S. Zeta on December 30, 2005

On December 30, 2005, thirty days after the official end of the 2005 season, An area of convection became organized enough and became Tropical Storm Zeta. This was over twenty days since the last tropical system (Epsilon) dissipated, and many had thought that the 2005 season had already ended. This was the latest ever that a tropical storm had formed, the previous record was held by Hurricane Alice of 1954. Like the previous storm Epsilon, Zeta was expected to quickly weaken, but this did not take place. On January 2, a strong burst of convection unexpectedly fired up and the storm strengthened reaching wind speeds of 65 mph on January 3.

Early on January 4, the convection that brought Zeta its burst of strength began to die down, and the circulation center became exposed. This began a steady weakening trend that was due to a combination of heavy wind shear on the system and dry air entering the circulation. This brought the sustained winds down to 40 mph, making it a minimal tropical storm.

On the morning of Jaunuary 5, Zeta was briefly downgraded to a tropical depression before regaining tropical storm status at the next advisory. Zeta managed to remain a tropical storm for the next day or so, before weakening to a depression again on the morning of January 6. The last advisory on Tropical Depression Zeta was issued on the afternoon of January 6. The last advisory finally brought the amazing 2005 season to an end.

Zeta surpassed Alice's record as the longest lasting storm to form in December. Zeta did not threaten land, so no deaths or damages were reported due to the storm.