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The Atlantic Hurricane Season Pages are 34% Complete!

3.23.06 - The 1992 season construction began today, with articles completed for the notorious Hurricane Andrew, and Bonnie. We are also now averaging about 100 page hits per day, which is a great achievement! Please keep visiting! (3354)

3.22.06 - Completed articles for Dennis, Emily, Floyd, Gert, and Harvey today. This completes the construction on the short 1993 season. Construction on the also short 1992 season will begin tomorrow, and finish on March 25. And if you can believe it, there are just 70 days until the start of the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season. With some predicting that it could top the amazing 2005 season, you better hold onto your hats! (3258)

3.21.06 - We completed articles for Arlene, Bret, and Cindy for 1993. We will wrap up construction on the short 1993 season tomorrow, and the 1992 season construction will begin the following day, with a finish date of March 25 (Saturday), being another very short season. (3208)

3.18.06 - Sorry for this second delay in updates, but here is what we have done. The 1995 Season was completed on schedule on Wednesday, and the 1994 season construction began the following day, and was completed today. The 1993 Construction will begin tomorrow, and finish on March 22 (Wednesday). In addition, our 3,000th site hit occured today. (3003)

3.14.06 - Articles completed for Opal and Pablo today. Be sure to check out the *UPDATED* news feature on the homepage. The last three articles of the 1995 Season will be completed tomorrow, and the 1994 Season construction will begin on March 16, and then finish on March 18 (Saturday). The next three seasons after that are very short (1991-1993) and should all be completed before the month of March is over. Happy Pi Day! (2766)

3.13.06 - Luis, Marilyn, and Noel all have articles today. Just five more articles remain in the busy 1995 Season. The completion date is set for March 15. (2722)

3.12.06 - We completed articles for Karen, and Luis of 1995 today. We are back on track for the 1995 Season completion date of March 15 (Wednesday). After that, we will begin construction on the short 1994 Season, followed by three other short season, so expect some very short season construction periods. (2647)

3.11.06 - Today we completed articles for Felix, Gabrielle, Humeberto, Iris, and Jerry as we continue to make up for lost time. You will notice that we have a brand new fact of the week, and a new feature: Picture of the day. This feature was created to encourage people to come back and visit us daily to see the new picture. Thanks for visting! (2603)

3.9.06 - The construction on the 1995 Season began yesterday, with the completion of Allison and Barry. Today, we completed Chantal, Dean, and Erin. (2405)

3.7.06 - Apologies for the large delay in updates; we have been in the process of getting new computers. With that said, we have still been working all along, and the 1996 Season is now complete. The construction on the long 1995 Season will begin tomorrow; a few days late; but we will make this time up. The 1995 Season will still be on track for a completion date of March 15. In the long run, we are still on our way to having all season post 1980 completed by the start of the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season. (2331)

3.1.06 - On this, the first of March, we have completed articles for Cesar, Dolly, Edouard and Fran of 1996. We have decided to include images for the 1996 season and the 1995 season due to popular demand. However, as we said before, seasons previous to 1994 will only have track images, and those will not come for some time. (2072)

2.26.06 - Construction continues on the 1996 season, with the completion of Bertha. (1953)

2.25.06 - The 1996 Season construction has began today, with a completion for Arthur. You will also notice that there is a new fact of the week today, make sure you check it out! (1920)

2.24.06 - The short 1997 Season construction is complete, with articles completed over the past few days for Claudette, Danny, Erika, Fabian, and Grace. The 1996 Season constuction will begin tomorrow, and should finish by March 4th. (1859)

2.22.06 - Construction continues on the 1997 season. Meanwhile, you will notice that there are now pages prepared with links and titles for the storms of 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995. You will also notice that they do not contain images, which will be the norm for all articles pre 1996. There are many reasons for this; the number one reason being that the images for pre 1996 storms are very low quality, and scarce to find due to the technology available at that time. Also, there are space and storage issues that need to be addressed. On the bright side, note that we will still include an image for the storm if it was a major storm. Yes, the pages will be much less colorful, but not for long, because every page (including post 1996) will eventually contain a storm track image which shows the path of the storm. (Look at Arlene of 2005's page for an example.) Happy Washington's Birthday! (1756)

2.21.06 - Construction on the short 1997 hurricane season began today. Articles were completed for Ana and Bill. This season should be completed by February 24, and the 1996 Season construction will begin on February 25, and should be finished by March 5. Check the "Scheduled Completions" - we have changed some of the dates. (1692)

2.19.06 - Articles completed for Lisa, Monsterous Mitch, and Nicole today. This completes the 1998 Atlantic Hurricane Season one day ahead of schedule! Be sure to take a look at all the great articles for 1998.(1636)

2.18.06 - Articles completed for Ivan, Jeanne, and Karl today. We are planning our first "Hurricane Hut Hit Drive". For those of you who visit this site regularly, tell your friends, and try to spread the word about this great resource! (1584)

2.17.06 - Articles completed for Earl and Georges of 1998. Georges is a very long and high quality sure to check it out. The 1998 Season is coming along very well, and a completion is expected this weekend on Sunday. The 1997 Season construction will begin on Monday, and will finish on February 24, being a quiet season with just seven storms.(1480)

2.15.06 - Article completed for Danielle of 1998 today. Please take a look at the "About Us" page new section on How You Can Help. As it will tell you, we are not english majors, and we would appreciate help on any grammar and/or spelling error that we may have missed in the storm articles.(1428)

2.14.06 - Articles completed for bad Bonnie and harmonious Hermine today. Have a great Valentine's Day!(1372)

2.13.06 - The construction of the 1998 Season continues, with articles for calm Charlie, and feeble Frances. The season should be completed a bit early (some time around February 20, as opposed to the previously expected date of February 22. The 1250th site hit occured today.

2.12.06 - The 1998 Season construction has got off to a fast start, with Alex and Bonnie completed today. Look for a completion date of February 22 for this season. 1200th page hit occured today.

2.11.06 - The 1999 Season now has all articles completed. We have completed pages for Jose, Katrina, and Lenny the Lunatic; pardon the pun. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, the 1998 Season Construction will begin tomorrow.

2.10.06 - We have completed articles for the notorious Floyd, the powerful Gert, the weak Harvey, and the moderate Irene over the past two days. The 1999 Season will be completed tomorrow, which is just a day ahead of schedule. The 1998 season construction will begin on Sunday, February 12. Also, check out the Brand New News Feature and Fact of the Week on the homepage. 1,050th site hit today.

2.8.06 - Our 1,000th site hit has occured today! In the meantime, we completed the article for Emily of 1999. Sorry for the delay of the new fact of the week, but it will be up later today.

2.7.06 - Articles completed over the past two days for Cindy and Dennis of 1999. A new "Fact of the Week" will be available tomorrow, and a new "News Feature" should be available by this Wednesday.

2.5.06 - The 1999 Season construction has began and articles are completed for Arlene and Bret of the 1999 Season, and we are looking at a completion date of February 12 for this season. 900th Site Hit occured today.

2.4.06 - Articles completed for Leslie, Michael, and Nadine of the 2000 Season today. This completes the 2000 season on schedule, be sure you check out all the great articles of 2000!

2.2.06 - Aricles completed for Isaac, Joyce, and Keith of 2000. The 2000 Season is still on track for a completion date of this Saturday. We had our 800th page hit today.

1.31.06 - Articles completed for Gordon and Helene of 2000, also we have begun to convert the 2005 articles to Arlene's format. Change include: Larger Titles, Fact Boxes, and a Storm Track Image. Eventually, all the articles of 2005 will look like Arlene's and then we will eventually convert ALL storm articles to that format...but it will be a long process. 700th page hit occured today.

1.29.06 - Articles completed for Ernesto and Florence of 2000. The 2000 Season is right on track for a completion date of this Saturday(February 4).

1.28.06 - Articles completed for Beryl, Chris and Debby of 2000.

1.27.06 - Article completed for Alberto of 2000, also a new page for Retired Hurricane Names has been added! It will be expanded in the future, with links to the individual retired storms instead of just text. 550th Hit occured today. Some more summaries written for the early seasons - 1953 and 1954 - again these are just temporary placeholders until we get individual articles later in the year.

1.26.06 - Articles completed for Olga of 2001, which completes the season right on schedule! Be sure to check out all the great 2001 articles. The 2000 season construction begins tomorrow, and is scheduled for a completion date of February 4.

1.25.06 - Noel article completed for 2001, leaving one last article - Olga. Olga will be completed tomorrow, and this will complete the 2001 season right on schedule. The 2000 Season construction will begin on January 27, and is scheduled to be completed by February 4. You will notice we now have a "News Feature" and a new "Fact of the Week" on the homepage. The fact of the week is pretty self explanitory, as for the News Feature, we hope to have a new feature every 2 to 3 weeks. Also, another update - we now plan to have all seasons from 1980-2005 completed BEFORE the start of the 2006 season, instead of the 1985-2005 which was originally expected. We hope to have all atlantic archives completed before November 30, 2006 which is not only the official end of the 2006 Atlantic and E. Pacific Hurricane Seasons, but is also my birthday, so it will be a nice treat for me to have those completed as I am celebrating.

1.24.06 - Lorenzo and Michelle articles completed for 2001, and some articles for the 1996 season have begun to spur up. We have also been writing short summaries for the 1950, 1951, and 1952 seasons as temporary information until we get individual articles for those seasons. We will try to get additional summaries for all the seasons that will not be completed for a lengthy amount of time. This way, we can at least provide a bit of information until we get the individual articles.

1.23.06 - Article completed for Karen of 2001. We just keep planning ahead! - now the 1997 season pages have been prepared with images, nav links and headings. Repeating the last update, the 2001 season will be finished on Thursday, and the 2000 Season will begin construction on Friday, January 27.

1.22.06 - Articles completed for Iris and Jerry of 2001. The 1998 Storm Pages have also now been prepared with images, nav links and headings. The 2001 Atlantic Season is on track for the scheduled completion date of Thursday, January 26.

1.21.06 - Articles completed for Gabrielle and Humberto of 2001. The 1999 Storm Pages have been prepared complete with images, navigation links, and headings, and are ready for information.

1.20.06 - Article completed for Hurricane Felix of 2001. We have made the decision to provide pictures of all Atlantic Storms back to 1995, instead of the 1997 suggested previously. Eventually, we may provide pictures back to 1990, but not any further back than that.

1.19.06 - Article completed for Hurricane Erin of 2001 today.

1.18.06 - We have completed an article for Tropical Storm Dean today. Also, you will notice the Atlantic and East Pacific Archive pages are both filled with all of the year links. Again we are going back to 1950 for the Atlantic, and back to 1990 for the E-Pac, although we may eventually go back to 1988. We are hoping to have all articles for storms of 1985-2005 completed BEFORE the start of the 2006 Season, because we will be very busy during that period, and have less time to complete articles for storms long ago.

1.17.06 - The 2001 Atlantic Season is under construction at lightning speed. Allison, Barry, AND Chantal all completed today. 450th hit also occured today.

1.16.06 - The 2002 Season is Complete! Just on schedule. Great job to the editing staff! The 2001 Season will begin construction tomorrow.

1.15.06 - The homepage got a bit of a makeover today, adding a "fact of the week" section. An article was completed for Kyle of 2002, leaving One storm - Lili - left to complete for the 2002 season.

1.14.06 - Today, we started wrapping up the 2002 Season with the completion of articles for Hanna, Isidore, and Jospehine. This leaves two storms left; Kyle and Lili. We are still on schedule for a completion date of January 16. The 2005 East Pacific(E-Pac) season is set for a start date of January 17, and a scheduled completion date of February 1, although this is tentative.

1.13.06 - Completed articles for Fay and Gustav of 2002. The 2002 Season is aimed towards a completion date of Monday, January 16. The 2005 E-Pac Season will begin construction on Tuesday, January 17 if everything goes as planned.

1.12.06 - Completed articles for Dolly and Edouard of 2002. The 2001 storm pages have been prepared with pictures, headings, and navigation links and are ready for information.

1.11.06 - Completed articles for Bertha and Cristobal of 2002. The 2002 season is a short one, with only twelve named storms. So, construction will likely be finished ahead of schedule.

1.10.06 - We have begun construction on the 2002 Altantic Hurricane Season. The article for T.S. Arthur of 2002 is now complete. Our 400th hit occurred today.

1.9.06 - Pages completed for Odette and Peter of 2003, the 2003 storm pages are now complete! Be sure to check those out, they are great articles. Also, take a look at the page for Tropical Storm Arlene of 2005, you will notice it is better than the rest, and we plan to change all articles to that format in the future. Meanwhile, we have begun work on the 2002 Atlantic Season, and you can expect that to be completed around February 12. For those who are waiting patiently for the East Pacific construction to begin, you can expect some progress starting on February 13. We would also like to let you know about what we plan on doing as far as how far back the archives will go. Our goal is to provide information on Atlantic Basin storms all the way back to 1950, when they were first named. As for the pacific season, we would like to go as far back as the amount of information allows, which should get us back to at least 1990. As for pictures, we will provide pictures for ALL atlantic storms from 1997 to present, but there will only be pictures for significant storms previous to 1997. This is because ample images are not available that far back.

1.8.06 - Pages completed for Mindy and Nicholas of 2003, The 2002 Atlantic Season Pages now have pictures, navigation links and titles, they are ready for information to be added. The 2002 season construction will begin on Tuesday, January 10. The 2003 Season will be completed on Monday, January 9. This will be six days ahead of schedule, which will allow all other projects to be moved closer. A job well done to our editor.

1.6.06 - Pages completed for storms Juan, Kate, and Larry of 2003. The 2003 Season's completion date has been moved closer, it is now January 15.
1.5.06 - Pages completed for storms Henri and Isabel of 2003. Some patchwork was done to storms in 2004.
1.3.06 - Hurricane Naming Page and Hurricane Name Lists page added. Page completed for Henri of 2003. 300th hit occured today.

1.2.06 - T.S. Zeta Article Added, Minor changes made to Navigation and Counter. Pages completed for Fabian and Grace of 2003. 2003 Atlantic Season should be completed ahead of schedule.

1.1.06 - Completed pages for storms Claudette, Danny, and Erika of 2003. The 2003 season is coming along very well, and should be completed earlier than anticipated. Also, the hurricane info page has been updated we created a brand new page dedicated to tropical terminology! This is part of our effort to give you a better understanding of hurricanes.

12.31.05 - Completed pages for storms Ana and Bill of 2003, the 2003 Season is scheduled to be completed on January 20. Be sure to check out the new 2003 storm pages! We also had our 250th site hit today.

12.29.05 - Completed pages for storms Matthew, Nicole, and Otto of 2004. This completed all articles of 2004, this was eight days ahead of the scheduled completion date of Jan. 6, 2006. Make sure you check out all the great 2004 storm pages!