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Peter - 2003
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Late Season Tropical Storm Peter near peak intensity

On December 5, a large extratropical gale was cut off from the westerly flow, and it moved south for two days. By December 7, the gale began to acquire convection and became Subtropical Storm Peter on December 7. Peter continued south over increasingly warmer waters and began to acquire tropical characteristics, it was deemed a tropical storm early on December 9. Peter strengthened fairly quickly and reached a peak intensity of 70 mph winds and a pressure of 990 mbar late on December 9. Peter also began to develop an eye at this time, but never reached hurricane strength.

The organization did not last, as the effects of shear and cooler waters began to weaken the storm rapidly. Peter became an extratropical low on December 11, after being downgraded to a tropical depression on December 10. The remnant low was absorbed by an approaching cold front on December 11. No damages or casualties were reported due to Peter.