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Odette - 2003
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Tropical Storm Odette south of Hispaniola

A remnant of a stalled frontal zone in the central Caribbean acquired an area of low pressure on December 1, and began to organize in convection. This became Tropical Depression Twenty on December 4, four days after the official end of the season on November 30. It became Tropical Storm Odette at the next advisory six hours later, about 285 miles south of Kingston Jamaica. Despite harsh vertical wind shear, the storm slowly strengthened as it moved north, reaching a peak intensity with winds of 65 mph on December 6. Odette maintained this intensity until landfall on December 6 with winds of 60-65 mph. The landfall was near Cabo Falso in the Dominican Republic.

After landfall, Odette maintained tropical storm force wind s over the island, but began to become extratropical. The extratropical transition was completed on December 7, just before the storm merged with a frontal zone and accelerated NE. Tropical Storm Odette was responsible for eight fatalities in the Dominican Republic, and reportedly damaged about 35% of the Banana crop there. The neighboring country, Haiti, reported little damage.