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Mindy - 2003
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Tropical Storm Mindy north of the Caribbean

A weak tropical wave that came off the coast of Africa on October 1 organized into a weak low pressure system on October 10, a less than 100 miles north of Hispaniola. Despite harsh vertical wind shear, it developed into Tropical Storm Mindy that day. Convection began to flare up on October 11, and the storm reached a peak intensity with winds of 45 mph and a minimum pressure of 1002 mbar. However, the wind shear got the best of the storm and it began to weaken on the same day. It weakened to a depression on October 12, as it turned to the east in response to an approaching front. With no convection or circulation, the depression dissipated on October 14 about 400 miles south of Bermuda. Mindy produced heavy rains over the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, but there were no reports of damages or casualties.