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Henri - 2003
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Tropical Storm Henri Near Florida

A tropical wave organized in the Gulf of Mexico became organized and was upgraded to Tropical Depression 12 on September 5. The depression was about 260 miles west of Tampa, Florida. It strengthened and became Tropical Storm Henri later on the 5th as it moved east towards the coast. Henri was not expected to strengthen due to strong wind shear, but the storm defied the odds and reached a peak intensity of 60 mph winds with a pressure of 997 mbar before the storm began to weaken rapidly.

Henri made landfall on September 6 in northern Florida as a tropical depression. The storm quickly moved across the state into open water, but was not able to re-organize in the Atlantic. The depression dissipated on September 8 in the atlantic due to strong wind shear. Damages in Florida were minor, and no deaths were reported.