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Erika - 2003
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Erika After Landfall

After a period of inactivity lasting nearly 20 days with the exception of two depressions, a non tropical low became Tropical Storm Erika, skipping tropical depression status on August 14. The storm was about 75 miles west of Fort Meyers, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. A high pressure to the north forced Erika rapidly to the west across the Gulf. Erika gradually strengthened before its landfall about 40 miles south of Mataramos, Mexico.

Erika moved inland and dissipated quickly after landfall. Originally, Erika was thought to have been a strong tropical storm on the verge of hurricane strength at landfall. Further observations revealed that Erika was a hurricane at landfall with winds of 75 mph. Two people were killed and minor damage was reported due to Erika.