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Danny - 2003
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Hurricane Danny in the Open Atlantic

Tropical Depression Five formed on July 16, 2003 from a strong and large tropical wave that moved off the coast of Africa on July 9. The depression was located about 550 miles east of Bermuda. The depression was originally not expected to strengthen, but defied forecasts and became Tropical Storm Danny later on the 16th. Danny moved northwest and gradually curved to the north over the next few days, gradually strengthening along the way. Danny became a hurricane on July 18 as it began to curve east along a Bermuda High Pressure system.

Danny began to weaken on July 19 due to increasing windshear and was downgraded to a tropical storm on that day. The weakening trend continued and became more rapid and Danny was a depression on July 20. By July 21, Danny had lost its tropical characteristics and degenerated into a remant low. No damages or deaths were caused due to Danny, as it never made landfall.