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Bill - 2003
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Tropical Storm Bill Approaching Louisiana

A low pressure area organized and became Tropical Depression Three on June 29, 2003 in the southern Gulf of Mexico. The depression became better organized and became Tropical Storm Bill at the next advisory just six hours later. Moderate shear was on the storm as it formed, which kept it rather disorganized. As the storm moved north, the shear relaxed and Bill gained strength; reaching a peak intensity late on June 30 with winds of 55 mph and a pressure of 997 mbar as the storm approached the coast.

Tropical Storm Bill made landfall near King Lake in southcentral Louisiana. Bill continued north and weakened to a depression on July 1, and became extratropical on July 3. Four deaths were associated with Bill, in North Carolina, Georgia, and two in Florida. Three of the four deaths were due to drowning. An estimated 50 million in damages was caused by Bill in Louisiana and Mississippi.