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Ana - 2003
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Tropical Storm Ana near Peak Intensity

The 2003 Atlantic Hurricane Season got off to a very early start. On April 18, a non-tropical low formed about 200 miles south of Bermuda. It began to acquire convection on April 19, and got enough of it and became organized enough to become Subtropical Storm Ana on April 20. The storm was originally moving north, but began to curve south after becoming subtropical. Ana aquired tropical characteristics and became completely tropical on April 21 with winds of 55 mph and a pressure of 994 mbar. This was as strong as Ana would get, as the storm became absorbed into a frontal system on April 24.

Ana then became extratropical as it raced off to the ENE. The storm continued ENE as an extratropical system through April 26 before being absorbed into another front near Portugal. Ana was the first tropical storm on record in the atlantic basin in April. There was a subtropical storm in April of 1992, but no tropical storms in April previously. Two indirect deaths occurred when a boat capsized near Jupiter Inlet, Florida due to the swells from the storm.