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Hurricane Hut

Otto - 2004
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Late Season Tropical Storm Otto in the Atlantic

After a long period of inactivity since Nicole dissipated on October 11, a low pressure became Subtropical Storm Otto on November 30, the last day of the official season. Otto was in the open atlantic about 1000 miles SE of Bermuda. The storm reached a peak intensity with winds of 50 mph before gradually acquiring tropical characteristics and becoming Tropical Storm Otto later that day. Conditions were not particularly favorable, but favorable enough to allow Otto to maintain some deep convection near the center. Otto moved slowly and erratically throughout its lifespan and completed somewhat of a circular loop as it became Tropical.

The storm moved south after this and the vertical shear on the storm began to increase. Otto weakened to a tropical depression on December 2 due to the shear, and mid-level dry air wrapping into the center. It then degenerated into a remnant low which tracked south before dissipating on December 5. No damages or deaths were reported to Tropical Storm Otto. Tropical Storm Otto was the last storm of the 2004 Atlantic Hurricane Season.