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Matthew - 2004
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Tropical Storm Matthew Churns in the Gulf

A tropical wave entered the gulf of Mexico, and formed a depression on October 8 about 180 miles SE of Brownsville, TX. The depression became Tropical Storm Matthew at the next advisory just six hours later. The storm started out moving E but swung to the NE, being steered by a low over Texas. The storm gradually strenthened and reached a peak intensity with winds of 45 mph and a pressure of 997 mbar on October 9.

The storm weakened slightly before landfall with 40 mph winds just west of Cocodre, Louisiana on October 10. Matthew became a depression shortly after and continued north, and was absorbed into a front on October 11. A five foot surge was reported in Frenier, LA as the storm made landfall. A tornado was also spawned by Matthew near Golden Meadow which damaged the roof of a trailer. There were no deaths of injuries reported due to Matthew.