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Lisa - 2004

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Lisa on the Verge of Hurricane Strength

A tropical wave pushed off the coast of Africa on September 16, 2004. The wave began to become more organized and was deemed a tropical depression on September 19 about 450 miles WSW of the Cape Verde Islands. The depression moved west for the next few days, and became Tropical Storm Lisa on September 20. Further strengthening was not expected; as nearby Hurricane Karl was exerting shear on the storm from its outflow. Winds reached 70 mph before the storm began to weaken from the shear, eventually it was downgraded to a depression.

At this time, a tropical disturbance that was approaching from the east began to merge with Lisa. The two storms became one on September 22, and Lisa completed a full counter clockwise loop before returning on a westward path. Lisa briefly became a tropical storm once again after the loop was completed, only to be downgraded to a depression just hours later. Tropical Depression Lisa then took a sharp turn to the north and regained Tropical Storm Status.

Lisa continued almost due north for about 6 days, remaining a tropical storm all the while. Tropical Storm Lisa then turned to the northeast and accelerated. Shear began to decrease, and Lisa became a hurricane on October 2. This was only brief, as the storm rapidly deteriorated thereafter. It was downgraded to a tropical storm just 12 hours later, and the storm lost tropical character istics on October 3.