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Karl - 2004
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Mighty Hurricane Karl Swirls in the Atlantic

A strong tropical wave moved of the coast of Aftica on September 13, it became more organized and became a depression on September 16. The depression initially moved west, and became a tropical storm later that day. Under favorable conditions, Karl became a hurricane on September 18, and became a Category 2 storm on the same day. Karl became a major hurricane on September 19 as it made a curve the NW and then back to the WNW. Karl eventually turned NNW in a response to a weakness in the subtropical ridge which was keeping it moving west.

It was at this time that Karl reached it's peak intensity, with winds of 140 mph on September 21. This made Karl a powerful Category 4 storm, until it weakened to a minimal Category 2 due to an eyewall cycle. Karl rebounded briefly however, with winds reaching up to 125 mph before weakening again as the storm continued north into cooler waters. Karl began to become an extratropical system on September 24, and became completely extratropical on September 25. The remnants of Karl were eventually absorbed into another extratropical system on September 28.