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Hermine - 2004
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Tropical Storm Hermine off the East Coast

On August 26, a frontal system stalled and began to produce convection, the convection eventually detatched from the front, and it became an area of low pressure. It is worth noting that the same front gave birth to Tropical Storm Gaston just two days earlier. The area of low pressure then became more organized and became Tropical Depression Eight late on August 27. The depression was about 360 miles west of Bermuda moving westward.

It was rather slow to organize, but finally reached tropical storm status on August 29 and was named Hermine. Not long after it was named, the storm curved north, and began to weaken due to the shear caused by the landfalling Hurricane Gaston. The center of Hermine then became detatched from the bulk of the circulation and it began to weaken. The storm meanwhile continued north and made landfall near Cape Cod, MA, but most people did not even realize that a tropical storm had struck. It became extratropical shortly after landfall. No damages or casualties have been reported.