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Earl - 2004
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Tropical Storm Earl in the Caribbean

On August 13, Tropical Depression Five formed from a tropical wave that had become organized after moving off the African coast several days before. The depression moved westward and became Tropical Storm Earl on August 14, prior to entering the Caribbean Sea. Earl moved through the windward islands into the caribbean where it brought tropical storm force winds to Grenada, Barbados, and St. Vincent. Despite appearing well-organized, hurricane hunter aircraft planes were unable to locate a circulation on August 15 and it was classified as a remnant tropical wave.

The remnants of Earl continued west and entered the East Pacific Basin. The remnants then re-organized and and it became Tropical Depression 8E in the East Pacific, following the rule that a storm must be given a new name when it enters a new basin. Tropical Depression 8E later became Tropical Storm Frank, and eventually, Hurricane Frank. This was the first time this has happened since 1996 when Hurricane Caesar became Douglas after crossing into the pacific.

Flooding and torn-off roofs were reported in Grenada and St. Vincent, but no deaths have been reported due to Tropical Storm Earl.