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Danielle - 2004

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Danielle Near Peak Intensity

On August 12, a vigorous tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa. The wave already had deep bands of convection, and as it reached the warmer atlantic waters, it became Tropical Depression Four on August 13. Low shear and increasingly warmer waters caused it to be named Tropical Storm Danielle on the 14th. Danielle then began to intensify at a fairly rapid pace, becoming a hurricane around midnight on August 15th. The rapid intensification leveled off as the storm approached category two status. Further intensification was slow, and the storm gradually reached its peak intensity with winds of 110mph and a pressure of 964 mbar. This made the system a category two storm as it began to curve to the north. Hurricane Danielle maintained category 2 status until slowing down and becoming nearly stationary. The storm then began to weaken due to a subtropical ridge that began to exert heavy shear on the system. This shear brought more steady weakening and eventually Danielle was downgraded to a Tropical Storm on August 18. The convection then began to seperate from the center of circulation, and it became a tropical depression before degenerating into a remnant low.