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Bonnie - 2004
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Bonnie in the Gulf of Mexico

On August 3, 2004, a robust tropical wave in the eastern Caribbean became better organized and was deemed Tropical Depression Two. The depression pressed west through the caribbean, failing to become a tropical storm, and finally dissipated on August 4 in response to a severe area of upper level wind shear. The remnants of TD 2 continued through the caribbean until regaining a closed circulation on August 9th and was named Tropical Storm Bonnie.

This now named tropical storm was now north of the Yucatan peninsula and started to move northeast. After fluctuating in intensity, Bonnie reached her peak south of the Florida panhandle with 65mph winds. After this, Bonnie weakened before making landfall on the Florida panhandle on August 12 with sustained winds of 50mph. It quickly weakened to a tropical depression and merged with a cold front causing heavy rains along the eastern seaboard. Three deaths in North Carolina were due to a tornado spawned by Bonnie.