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Epsilon - 2005
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Hurricane Epsilon Near Peak Intensity on Decemeber 3

On November 29, just a day after Tropical Storm Delta dissipated, another non-tropical low gained tropical characteristics. This system was named Tropical Storm Epsilon, the fifth storm to use names from the greek alphabet and the 26th named storm of the incredible season. At first it moved west toward Bermuda, but then turned around and headed east. It strengthened slow but steadily and became a hurricane on December 2nd. This is only the fifth storm to reach hurricane strength in December, the last being Hurricane Lili in 1984. Despite entering cooler waters as it continued to move east, it continued to strengthen reaching 80mph winds late on December 3. Epsilon was forecast to rapidly weaken and become a remnant low, and this appeared to be happening on December 4 as it became a Tropical Storm, but at the next advisory, forecasters were baffled when it regained its strength and then some, with winds of 85mph. Epsilon remained a hurricane until December 8th, breaking the record of the longest lasting December Hurricane. After weakening to a tropical storm, the shear completely obliterated the storm in less than 6 hours. No damages or deaths have been linked to the storm, having never made landfall.