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Delta - 2005
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Tropical Storm Delta in the Open Atlantic

On November 23, Tropical Storm Delta formed from a previously non-tropical low that drifted southward and attained tropical characteristics. Delta was the 25th named storm of the season, and already had 60mph winds on the first advisory that was issued. Under weak steering currents, it continued to drift slowly and erratically southward. It then began to accelerate to the ENE, in the general direction of the Canary Islands. During this time, it approached hurricane strength twice without becoming one. On November 26, it began to merge with a frontal system and the center of the storm became less defined. Delta also began to experience heavy shear and colder water temperatures as it continued ENE. Delta became an extratropical system on November 28.

The Canary Islands were hit hard by Tropical Storm Delta. The storm claimed seven lives there, and over 150,000 power outages were reported. Delta also destroyed a geological landmark often referred to as "God's Finger". It was an important landmark for the canaries, and had been pointing to the sky for over a millenium. Delta's remnants later moved into Morocco, Africa, but fortunately no damage was done and it gave the area some needed rain.