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Gamma - 2005
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Tropical Storm Gamma in the Caribbean

On November 12, a strong tropical wave crossed the lesser antilles, it had a little more spunk than originally thought, and became Tropical Depression 27 on Nov 13. The depression was originally expected to become a storm or possibly a hurricane as it traveled west through the caribbean. However, a nearby tropical system in the central caribbean hindered development which led to its dissipation on November 16.

The remnants of Tropical Depression 27 continued westward and the system that had previously hindered development made landfall in Nicaragua, allowing the remnants of TD 27 to regenerate and form Tropical Storm Gamma on November 18, just off the coast of Honduras. Gamma had sustained winds of 45mph on the first advisory; this was as strong as the system would ever get. Supressed by a front to the north, Gamma remained stationary, even though forecasts took it on a path northward. At one point, Gamma was expected to move northwest, then take a turn to the northeast and strike south Florida. However, the forecast track continued to move south and eventually Gamma was forecast to move almost due east. Gamma remained stationary however, and started to weaken on almost as soon as it was named. It was downgraded to a depression on November 20 when shear from the approaching front began to rip the storm apart. Advisories were discontinued later the same day, by this time all convection had disappeared, and only a few wisps of clouds circling around the center remained.

A total of 37 people have been killed directly or indirectly from Tropical Storm Gamma. 32 in Honduras, 3 in Belize, and 2 in St. Vincent while Gamma was not yet a named. Gamma was the third storm of the 2005 season to use a name from the greek alphabet, and the 24th named storm of the season.