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Alpha - 2005
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Tropical Storm Alpha Near Hispaniola

On October 22, the same day that Wilma made landfall on the Yucatan, yet another storm was brewing. However, this was no ordinary storm. This was the first storm to exhaust the list of names, forcing the NHC to begin using names from the greek alphabet. Therefore, the storm was named Tropical Storm Alpha late on October 22 when it reached tropical storm intensity. This was the 22nd named storm of the season, beating the record of 21 set in 1933. The season lists each consist of 21 names based on that 1933 record.

As Alpha made it's way north towards Hispaniola, it had a tough time strengthening due to the heavy shear from Hurricane Wilma nearby. On the morning of October 23, it made landfall near Barahona, Dominican Republic with 60 mph winds. After landfall, it weakened quickly to a depression from the rough terrain and steep mountains. It was pulled north by a front and emerged in the atlantic ocean and began to accelerate alongside Hurricane Wilma on October 24. Advisories were discontinued as Alpha degenerated into a troph which eventually merged with Hurricane Wilma.

Hispaniola was hit hard by Tropical Storm Alpha. The death toll stands at 42, with 33 of those deaths in Haiti. Much of the death toll was from a river that overflowed into parts of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. In the Dominican Republic, over 30,000 people were ordered to evacuate, and nine deaths have been reported there.