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Bret - 1993
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A tropical wave moved off the west coast of Africa into the eastern Atlantic Ocean on the first day of August. The wave was one of several strong and robust waves that would move off that coast in the late days of July and early days of August. The wave acquired more concentrated thunderstorm activity a few days later, and a curved banding feature was noticed. The wave is estimated to have formed the third tropical depression of the season while located about 1150 miles WSW of the Cape Verde Islands on August 4. The depression continued the direction to the west at a fairly quick pace, with almost a hint of southward movement in the track, and it was able to strengthen into Tropical Storm Bret later on the 4th. Initially, Bret appeared quite organized, and the winds increased to what would be the storm’s peak intensity on August 6, at 55 mph. However, the center became exposed just later that day, and an inevitable period of weakening began as the storm began to near the northern coast of Venezuela. Bret struck Trinidad, on the extreme southern portion of the Lesser Antilles on August 7, and as the southern component of the storm’s track continued, it began to flirt with the northern coast of South America on August 8. Bret moved inland on Venezuela for a short period that day, and began to decrease rapidly in organization due to the mountainous terrain of the region. After re-emerging into the Caribbean Sea on August 9, Bret weakened to a depression, only to regain storm strength as convection began to flare again over the warm waters of the Caribbean. Over waters for only a short time, the storm struck the eastern coast of Nicaragua on August 10, and weakened to a depression over land the following day. The remnant continued into the East Pacific Basin and later regenerated into Tropical Storm Greg. Bret caused severe damage in many areas. In Venezuela alone, flooding caused catastrophic damages, with over 173 reported dead and many others missing. A total of 25 million in damages was reported due to the storm.