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Roxanne - 1995
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Hurricane Roxanne

The traces of Roxanne began when a tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on September 26, and grew in convection as it moved over the Caribbean Sea on October 4. When the wave reached the western Caribbean on October 7, it interacted with an area of disturbed weather and formed Tropical Depression Nineteen later that day while located just to the east of Nicaragua. The depression ventured slowly to the west and made what may have been a brief landfall on the coast of that country on October 8, before it moved to the north and strengthened into Tropical Storm Roxanne later that day. Roxanne moved to the north for the next day, briefly threatening Cuba and the Cayman Islands, before slowing and swinging to the west and becoming a hurricane on October 10. The pressure dropped 13 mbar in the next six hours, and the strengthening continued until Roxanne was a powerful Category 3 storm at its peak intensity with winds of 115 mbar and a pressure of 956 mbar. The hurricane struck Cozumel at about 6:40 PM EST on October 10, before making landfall just north of Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula at 9 PM EST with winds of 115 mph. Despite the rocky terrain of the peninsula, Roxanne maintained hurricane status as it traversed WSW across it before emerging into the Bay of Campeche as a Cat 1. The movement of the storm over the Bay was very strange. At first, after emerging in it, Roxanne weakened to a tropical storm, moved to the NW and regained hurricane status as it made a sharp turn in the opposite direction; to the SE. This motion continued for another day, before the hurricane took yet another sharp turn, back into a motion to the NW. An approaching cold front began to exert shear on the storm on October 18, and Roxanne turned to the south and weakened to a depression in response. The depression dissipated and moved SW into Mexico. A total of 14 people were killed due to Roxanne. Five of these fourteen were due to people missing from a petroleum work barge that sank with 245 on board. In Mexico, the flooding rains and damaging winds caused damage to over 40,000 homes, damage to crops, and mud slides. The roads between the city of Carmen and Campeche were reported as completely destroyed. In Cozumel, reports of flooded hotel lobbies were received, as well as extensive tree damage. The total damage estimate in 2005 dollars is 2 Billion dollars.