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Noel - 1995
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Hurricane Noel

A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa into the eastern Atlantic Ocean on September 22. Bands of deep convection began to form near the center within a few days, and the system was determined to have become the sixteenth tropical depression of the season at 1 PM EST on September 26. The depression was not under favorable conditions by all means, and shear was expected to delay any strengthening, but the depression was not greatly affected by it and managed to strengthen into Tropical Storm Noel on September 27. At this point, Noel turned from WNW to NNW in response to a trough and an upper level low. The strengthening continued at a fairly quick pace despite forecasts, and Noel became a hurricane on September 28 as the storm began to swerve to the NNE. However, any further strengthening and organization of the hurricane was halted when the wind shear values increased sharply later on the 28th, and the storm remained a minimal hurricane through the next two days. After weakening to a tropical storm on September 30, a brief period of stalling occurred, before a quick pace to the north was obtained on October 1. The storm's winds reached a low of 45 mph on October 3 as wind shear nearly ripped the storm apart. But the winds did not remain at this low for very long, as the shearing began to decrease just later that day. Significant restrengthening occurred on October 4, and Noel was once again a hurricane by early on the 5th as it turned to the east. However, just as before, development became halted by colder waters and wind shear, and the storm remained a minimal hurricane for the next 24 hours before returning to storm status. Noel became extratropical and was absorbed into a cold front on October 8. No damages or casualties were reported due to Noel.