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Vince - 2005
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Hurricane Vince Spins Where No Hurricane Has Spun Before

On October 9 at 11am EDT, meteorologists at the National Hurricane Center named the 20th Tropical Storm of the season, Tropical Storm Vince. The storm was about 550 miles southeast of the Azores, and not far of the coast of Spain. The storm had obtained a clear eye as early as the previous day, but meteorologists were baffled by its location and proximity to Europe. It was also in very cold waters, previously considered to cold for a hurricane to develop, which is why the NHC was slow to make it a hurricane. They did eventually, though, and at 5pm EDT, it became Hurricane Vince, the 11th hurricane of the incredible 2005 Season. It was downgraded back to a storm prior to its landfall near Huevla, Spain on October 11. It became extratropical not long after. This was the first landfall of a tropical storm on Spain in recorded history.

Vince was the farthest east and north of any storm in the Atlantic in recorded history. It also developed in waters colder than 75 degrees Farenheit which defied the rule that the water must be 80 degrees or higher for a hurricane to develop. Vince was the first tropical storm to make landfall on the Iberian Peninsula as well, and was also the first storm to take the 'V' name from the Atlantic Season List.