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Jerry - 1995
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Tropical Storm Jerry

A tropical wave and an associated area of cloudiness moved off the coast of Africa on August 9, and traversed westward through the Atlantic Ocean with little development and organization, despite periodic increases in convection. By August 19, evidence of a low level circulation was detected, but another period of little development ensued. On August 22, the system became noticeably better organized near the Bahamas, and became Tropical Depression Eleven. The depression moved to the north and strengthened into Tropical Storm Jerry in favorable conditions as it lingered just off the Florida coast. Just a hint of westward motion forced the storm to a landfall on the southeastern coast of the state on August 23 near Jupiter Inlet with winds of just 40 mph. After landfall, Jerry hung on to tropical storm status for quite some time, but finally weakened to a depression on August 24 over the central part of the state. Jerry actually drifted over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico for a brief period on August 25, before curving more to the north and moving inland over the panhandle. The depression weakened further after this, but managed to hang on to depression status as it moved over Georgia and South Carolina. The depression finally merged with a front on August 28.