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Gabrielle - 1995
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Tropical Storm Gabrielle

A tropical wave moved off the west coast of Africa into the Atlantic Ocean on July 27. The wave moved at a moderate pace to the WNW for the next two weeks or so with no further development. It entered the Gulf of Mexico on August 8. After the system entered the warm waters of the Gulf, a weak cloud circulation was detected from visible imagery on August 9. On August 10, a hurricane hunter flight was dispatched, and it found that the system had formed into the seventh tropical depression of the season while located about 160 miles east of La Pesco, Mexico. The depression moved almost steadily to the west for the next 12 hours, until coming to an almsot complete stop as it strengthened into Tropical Storm Gabrielle later on the 10th. Gabrielle drooped to the south over the next day, and then turned sharply to the northwest on August 11, and continued this motion as it moved inland. Gabrielle made landfall just south of La Pesca in the late evening hours of August 11, during its peak intensity when winds were 70 mph and the pressure was 988 mbar. The rough terrain of Mexico weakened the storm at an alarming rate, and it dissipated completely just hours later. Damages from Gabrielle were minimal, and some saw the storm as a benefit as it dumped rain on drought-scorched land.