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Tammy - 2005
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T.S. Tammy Approaches the Florida Coast

On October 5, a tropical disturbance north of the bahamas began to show a circulation and became Tropical Storm Tammy at 7:30am. The storm was situated east of Florida, about 40 miles east of Melbourne. A ridge in the western atlantic began to force the storm NNW, at a fairly rapid pace. Under light sheer, Tammy strengthened to 50mph winds shortly before landfall near Mayport, Florida late on October 5. After landfall, Tammy moved inland and weakened over Georgia and Alabama, after the rains became disconnected from the system. These remnants later merged with a frontal system that was responsible for the Flooding of the Northeast in October. It is still uncertain as to how much of the flooding was due directly to Tammy. Therefore, it is difficult to attribute any damages or deaths caused by the Northeast Flooding to Tammy. No deaths or damages were reported at the place of landfall.