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Chantal - 1995
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Tropical Storm Chantal

A robust tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on July 5. The wave was originally poorly organized, but it showed signs of organization after entering the waters of the eastern Atlantic. The wave moved WNW for the next week or so, with little further development until a low level circulation was found on July 12, and it became Tropical Depression Three that day while located about 250 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. Conditions were quite unfavorable for development at the time, and this was demonstrated in the very slow strengthening of the depression. The depression moved to the WNW over the next two days, a path that kept the system far from the northern Lesser Antilles as it passed to their north on July 13. Early on July 14, the depression was found to have strengthened enough, and it was named Tropical Storm Chantal when located about 200 miles north-northeast of Puerto Rico. This strengthening was followed by a period of slow and erratic movement that took place through the day on the 14th, as the storm slowly gained strength. Chantal continued movement to the WNW until July 15, until it curved to the north on the 16th. The storm reached its peak intensity on the 17th, when winds reached 70 mph and the pressure fell to 994 mbar. After this, the storm weakened and took a turn to the northeast and began to accelerate. Chantal passed to the north of Bermuda on July 18, and then became extratropical on July 20 in the far north Atlantic Ocean. Although Chantal threatened numerous areas including the Bahamas and Bermuda, the storm did not directly affect any of these areas. And such, no damages or deaths were reported due to Chantal.