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Kyle - 1996
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A vigorous tropical wave was tracked as it moved off the coast of Africa into the eastern Atlantic Ocean on September 27. However, little or no development occurred over the next week as it traversed the eastern Atlantic Ocean, and crossed into the western Caribbean Sea on October 9. On October 11, a broad area of low pressure was detected over the system, and the low formed Tropical Depression Eleven midday on the 11th when located about halfway between Swan Island and the coast of Belize. Under weak steering currents and favorable weather conditions, the depression quickly strengthened into Tropical Storm Kyle as it drifted to the southwest. A peak intensity with winds of 50 mph and a pressure of 1001 mbar was recorded late on the 11th, just before a drastic increase in wind shear values weakened the storm to a depression. The depression continued on a path to the southwest, and drifted onshore near the border of Guatemala and Honduras. After landfall, the depression rapidly dissipated and became unrecognizable. No damages or casualties were reported due to Kyle, having been a very weak system at landfall.