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Gustav - 1996
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Tropical Storm Gustav

An area of disturbed weather moved into the eastern Atlantic Ocean from the west coast of Africa on August 24, the third in a series of three closely spaced storms that formed in late August, with the other two being Fran and Edouard. The system gradually organized, and managed to form Tropical Storm Seven when located about 150 miles to the south of the southern Cape Verde Islands on August 26. The depression's development was hindered for the next few days as it tracked to the WSW, due to outflow from nearby Fran. The depression eventually gathered enough strong convection to become Tropical Storm Gustav early on August 28, and then began to turn to the NW. Gustav reached what would be it's peak intensity on August 29, with meek winds of 45 mph and a pressure of 1005 mbar, which was retained for the rest of the day. Even though Fran was now far away, an area of low pressure began to exert shear on the system, which would prevent the storm from any major strengthening. For the next three days, Gustav struggled as a minimal tropical storm, before finally weakening to a tropical depression on September 1. The wind shear then caused the depression to dissipate on September 2. No damages or casualties were reported due to Gustav.