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Stan - 2005
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Tropical Storm Stan Emerges in the Bay of Campeche

On October 1, Tropical Depression Twenty formed from a strong tropical save that pushed off of Africa two weeks prior. The storm was located just off the Yucatan Peninsula, and was moving WNW towards it. It became Tropical Storm Stan just before landfall on October 2nd with 45 mph winds. After landfall on the Yucatan, it weakened to a tropical depression just before moving into the Bay of Campeche and strengthened back to a Tropical Storm shortly after. On October 4, Stan became a Hurricane, the tenth of the season as it headed to a landfall in Mexico.

It made landfal on the same day as a Category 1 Hurricane packing winds of 80 mph. After landfall, Stan slowly moved SSW through Mexico, dumping up to 20 inches of rain in some areas, triggering mudslides and flooding. Stan caused a massive 1,150 deaths so far and more are possible as the count continues. This makes Stan one of the deadliest storms in recent years, topping the total of Hurricane Katrina, which was a much larger and more powerful storm. Stan dissipated completely on October 5.