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Grace - 1997
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Tropical Storm Grace North of the Caribbean

An area of low pressure developed along a trough that extended from the western Caribbean into the central Atlantic Ocean. The low became an extratropical gale on October 15, centered just a bit north of Hispaniola. Over the next 24 hours, the gale developed an area of deep convection near the center, and this transformed the system into Tropical Storm Grace late on the 15th, skipping depression status. The system was forced on a brisk pace to the ENE due to a large extratropical system to its north that would also hinder its development. Grace’s winds were originally at 45 mph, but the wind shear that plagued nearly every storm that managed to develop in the 1997 Atlantic Hurricane Season weakened the storm to the brink of tropical storm status. The winds remained at 40 mph for a little over 24 hours before Grace could no longer retain tropical characteristics. The last storm of the inactive 1997 Season dissipated later on October 17, after becoming irrecognizable.