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Fabian - 1997
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Tropical Storm Fabian in the Central Atlantic

A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on September 22, and progressed through the Atlantic Ocean over the next week. The wave reached the Lesser Antilles and entered the Caribbean Sea on September 29, when an area of low pressure developed along it. The system began to experience increasing wind shear as it moved to the north-northwest, which hindered any additional development for the time being. After he system passed near the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, the wind shear relaxed and it formed Tropical Depression Seven at about noon on October 4. The depression was able to continue to organize as it moved to the NNE into the open waters, becoming Tropical Storm Fabian about 24 hours later on October 5. However, Fabian was never able to strengthen past minimal tropical storm strength, with winds remaining at 40 mph for the majority of its life. The cold waters and increasing wind shear eventually forced Fabian into an extratropical transition, which was completed on October 8. The remnant was tracked for a few hours before it dissipated later on the 8th. No damages or casualties were reported to the weak Fabian.