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Ana - 1997
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Tropical Storm Ana Near Peak Intensity in the Atlantic

A frontal low stalled off the coast of South Carolina on June 29, and it became organized enough to become Tropical Depression One on June 30. The depression tracked on a fairly slow pace to the east, and became Tropical Storm Ana at about 1 AM EST on July 1st. The storm was under an area of heavy wind shear, but this did not seem to weaken hinder the development of the storm a great deal, and it strengthened to its peak intensity late on the 1st, with a pressure of 1000 mbar and winds of 45 mph. At this time, Ana began to increase in forward speed, and it began to turn to the northeast. It weakened back to a minimal tropical storm on July 2, as the wind shear became too much to bear, and the convection became displaced from the center. After Ana was in a direct motion to the northeast, it weakened to a tropical depression and turned to the east-northeast late on July 3. As the now depression entered colder waters, it made a transition into an extratropical system on July 4, and dissipated on July 5. No damages or casualties were reported to Ana, the first tropical storm of the 1997 Atlantic Hurricane Season, excluding a Subtropical Storm that had formed prior to Ana.