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Jeanne - 1998
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Hurricane Jeanne in the Open Atlantic Near Peak Intensity

A tropical wave crossed the coast of Africa on September 19 and entered the eastern Atlantic. The wave lingered near the coast and slowly developed for a few days, and by early on September 21, convection had increased significantly and the wave became Tropical Depression Ten when located about 140 miles southwest of Guinea-Bissau. This made it the farthest east for a depression to develop, second only to T.S. Christine of 1973. The depression strengthened at an alarming rate, despite its location, and became Tropical Storm Jeanne just later on the 21st. Jeanne did not stop strengthening here, and it quickly reached hurricane strength on September 22 when located about 120 miles south of the Cape Verde Islands. Jeanne continued to the WNW for the next few days, strengthening steadily in the process. Jeanne became a Category 2 storm on September 23, and reached its peak intensity early on September 24 with winds of 105 mph and a pressure of 969 mbar. Jeanne maintained Category 2 strength until September 25, when wind shear forced the storm to weaken. After weakening to a minimal hurricane a building trough to the west caused the storm to turn to the north, assuring that it would remain at sea. The hurricane maintained itself through the turn, and re-strengthened somewhat after completing the turn to the east. This was short-lived as well, and Jeanne weakened quickly over the cool North Atlantic waters just as Ivan had done days earlier. Jeanne was downgraded to a tropical storm late on September 29, and downgraded to a depression on October 1, while remaining in an eastward motion. At this time, the depression became extratropical and passed over the Azores. The remnant system continued east and struck Portugal near Lisbon early on October 4, and then became disfigured over Spain that day. No damages or casulaties were reported due to Jeanne.