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Philippe - 2005
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Tropical Storm Philippe About to Become A Hurricane

On September 17, a few hundred miles from the Leeward Islands, Tropical Depression 17 formed. Later that evening, it became Tropical Storm Philippe and continued to move north. The next day, it strengthened to become a hurricane, the 8th one of the season. It reached its peak intensity early on September 20 with 80 mph winds. However, later on Sept. 20, it weakened to a tropical storm under heavy westerly shear. Philippe's center of circulation became difficult to find as it continued to become less organized. Then, on September 22, a neighboring non-tropical low started to absorb the circulation, and it began to lose tropical characteristics.

Track of Hurricane Philippe

As the shear from the nearby system increased, Philippe dissipated completely late on September 23. Despite this steady weakening, Tropical Storm Warnings were placed for Bermuda as the storm neared, but they were cancelled as it became a tropical depression and the remnants of Philippe were completely absorbed into the non-tropical system on September 24. No damages or fatalities have been reported due to Philippe.