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Hermine - 1998
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Tropical Storm Hermine in the Gulf of Mexico

A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on September 5 and moved across the Atlantic with no development until it reached the Windward Islands. As it reached these islands and entered the Caribbean Sea, it began to acquire more convection and interacted with an area of low pressure near the Yucatan Peninsula on September 16, and it became Tropical Depression Eight midday on September 17 when it was sufficiently organized. The depression was in a very weak steering environment, and it moved in a cyclonic loop over the central Gulf of Mexico through September 18, and slowly organized and became Tropical Storm Hermine on September 19 despite high wind shear in the area. Hermine picked up speed to the north later on the 19th, and it reached a peak intensity with winds of 45 mph that day. The storm made landfall as a weak tropical storm near Cocodrie, Louisiana early on September 20. After landfall, it moved inland and quickly dissipated over southern Mississippi late on the 20th. No damages or casualties were reported due to Hermine, being a minimal storm at landfall.