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Charley - 1998
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Tropical Storm Charley Shortly After Landfall in Texas

A large swirl of clouds was detected as it moved off the coast of Africa on August 9, and the system was tracked west into the Caribbean on August 15, and it entered the Gulf of Mexico on the 19th. The system became Tropical Depression Three early on August 21 when it was located just about 275 miles from the coast of Texas and moving west. The depression was quickly assigned the name Tropical Storm Charley on August 21 as it moved to west-northwest and organized in the warm waters of the Gulf. Charley strengthened further as it moved closer to Texas, and reached its peak strength early on August 22 with winds of 70 mph and a pressure of 1000 mbar. Charley made landfall near this intensity at about 5 am EST on the 22nd, near Port Aranasas, Texas. Charley weakened quickly after landfall, and was downgraded to a tropical depression late on the 22nd. The storm moved along the Rio Grande and dissipated early on August 24 near Del Rio, TX. Charley was only a strong tropical storm at landfall, but 13 people were killed in Texas despite this. All of the deaths were due to flooding from the storm surge and heavy rains. Another seven were killed in Mexico. Damage estimates totaled about 50 million dollars.