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Emily - 1999
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Tropical Storm Emily in the Eastern Atlantic

A cluster of tropical waves that moved off the coast of Africa in mid-August moved west into the Atlantic and would later form three separate storms; Cindy, Dennis, and Emily. The wave that formed Emily moved to the WSW after crossing the coast and gradually organized. The wave formed Tropical Depression Six early on August 24 when it was about 360 miles to the east of the Lesser Antilles. Further analysis upgraded the depression to Tropical Storm Emily at the next advisory six hours later. Emily moved slowly to the north and began to curve slightly to the northwest on August 25 as it strengthened quickly to what would be its peak intensity with winds of 50 mph. The storm was not able to strengthen further due to increasing wind shear, and it began to weaken very slowly early on the 25th. Emily’s convection was constantly being displaced from the center due to the shear, but it managed to retain tropical storm intensity as it moved more swiftly to the north. The nearby and powerful Hurricane Cindy began to absorb the storm on August 27, and it completely did so on August 28. No damages or casualties were reported due to Emily, having never affected land.