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Bret - 1999
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Powerful Hurricane Bret Making Landfall in Texas

A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa into the eastern Atlantic on August 5, and it moved west until it reached the Bay of Campeche where it slowed down and interacted with n area of low pressure. The system became organized enough to become Tropical Depression Three on August 18. The depression moved slowly to the north and strengthened fairly slow, and became Tropical Storm Bret on August 19 when it began to gain more motion to the north. The conditions became much more favorable and this began a rapid intensification cycle late on the 19th. Bret became a hurricane late on August 20 and continued to strengthen in the warm waters, reaching Category 4 intensity on August 22 with winds of 145 mph and a pressure of 944 mbar as the powerful storm curved to the northwest. The storm was able to maintain this intensity for a about 12 hours before it weakened rapidly just before its landfall in Texas at Central Padre Island as a Category 3 storm with winds of 115 mph on August 23. After landfall, the weakening hurricane inched further inland to the WNW and was downgraded to a tropical storm on the 23rd, and to a depression later that day. The remnant depression dissipated on August 25. Despite the fact that Bret was a powerful Category 3 at landfall, damage was very light, mostly because the storm made landfall in rural Texas, avoiding all major cities including Brownsville and Corpus Christi. Bret was also a small storm, so damage was limited to a small radius around the landfall point. A total of 60 million dollars in losses has been reported, but fortunately there were no reports of loss of life due to Bret.