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Nate - 2005
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Nate Nears Hurricane Strength

On September 5, a low pressure system about 350 miles south of Bermuda strengthened and became Tropical Depression 15. This became Tropical Storm Nate that evening. Nate moved very little over the next few days. Movement, if any, was towards the north. Nate became a hurricane on September 7th, and started to move north towards Bermuda. Initially, Nate was forecasted to move just a few miles south of the Island, so hurricane watches were placed there. However, Nate was picked up by the Subtropical Ridge sooner than expected which accelerated Nate to the Northeast. This caused Nate to only brush the island of Bermuda. Nate passed 125 miles south of Bermuda on September 8, and at nearly the same time, it reached it's maximum intensity with 90mph winds. As Nate continued to accelerate northeast, heavy shear began to rip the storm apart, and it was downgraded to a tropical storm on September 9. On September 10, Nate lost its deep convection and became extratropical. No damages or fatalities have been reported.