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Arlene - 1999
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Tropical Storm Arlene in the Middle of the Atlantic

A front stalled in the central Atlantic and an area of low pressure developed at the tail end of it on June 8 when a few hundred miles north of Puerto Rico. The low interacted with a tropical wave later that day, and moved to the northwest for the next few days with little development. The convection became more organized and defined and the system was upgraded to Tropical Depression One on June 11 when it was located about 465 miles southeast of Bermuda. The depression moved very slowly to the northeast for the remainder of the 11th until becoming Tropical Storm Arlene, the first of the 1999 Season on June 12. Arlene now moved more to the north, but still at a very slow pace as it strengthened to a peak intensity of 55 mph winds with a pressure of 1006 mbar on June 13 before shear began to expose the circulation which began a weakening trend.

The storm made a sharp turn to the west later on the 13th, and it moved in this general direction through June 14 as it weakened steadily, nearly losing tropical storm status that day. Arlene slowed even more on June 15 as it made a gradual turn to the north and strengthened slightly to wind speeds of 50 mph. After finally gaining some motion to the north on June 16, the storm weakened further as it moved into cooler waters and shear once again pounded the system. Arlene weakened to a tropical depression late on the 16th just before coming within 100 miles east of Bermuda, which would be its closest approach to land. The depression dissipated on June 18th ahead of an approaching frontal zone. No damages or casualties were reported due to Arlene.