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Nadine - 2000
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Tropical Storm Nadine in the Open Atlantic

A strong trough and a tropical wave interacted north of the Leeward Islands on October 16, and the system moved to the west and began to organize with deep convection forming near the center. It formed Tropical Depression Eighteen on October 19 when it formed a closed circulation. The depression moved very slowly to the northwest around a ridge and it continued to organize as it did so. The depression formed Tropical Storm Nadine on October 20 when about 650 miles east of Bermuda. Nadine continued to strengthen and reached a peak intensity with 55 mph winds late on the 20th as it continued to the northwest. The organization did not last, however, as increasing wind shear weakened the storm as it interacted with a front and degenerated into a weak extratropical low late on October 21. The extratropical remnant continued northwest and was absorbed into a larger system on October 22. No damages or casualties were reported due to Nadine, having never made landfall. Nadine was the last storm on the fairly active 2000 Atlantic Hurricane Season, with the exception of an unnamed subtropical storm that formed in late October. This subtropical storm was the last of its kind to go unnamed before a rule was established in 2002 that all subtropical storms be named from the regular list of names. Had it been named, it would have been Oscar.